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Men's Ministry

Purpose of THE PRIDE


For Twenty years our purpose has been to discover, restore, rebuild, encourage, and support the three dominions of man: his spirit, his soul, and his body. The goal was and still is to identify the problems that plague men and seek out GOD'S WORD on how to defeat and tear down the ties that bind them. It is our continued desire to become the total man that THE FATHER intended for us to be, according to Genesis 1:26, Psalms 1, and Rev 5:7-10. According to Genesis 49:9, We believe we are called to identify with the nature of Lions; henceforth, our name change.  Embodying the spirit, nature, and authority of the Lion of Judah. I AM A LION | I AM A KING!  I will take authority over everything God has given to me.(Motto)


It is a men’s leadership program to challenge the in-depth questions Christian brothers face day to day


·         It is not designed to play with sin, but to expose it and deal with it face to face

·         It is the heart of this ministry to reach out to all men to confront, relate, and be there to relay upon in times of need

·         It is not in any way a surface or super fiscal group. We are bent on freeing the lost, up building the weak encouraging the faint               hearted, and mentoring young men.

·         We are determined to fulfill the charge of Genesis 1:26, to walk in the image, power, purpose, and abundance: using the life of our               Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as our role model.


Our Values:

o    Unity

o    Loyalty

o    Leadership

o    Accountability

o    Encouragement

o    Honor

o    Integrity

o    Action



·         Campus small groups

·         Conferences

·         Retreats

·         Community Outreach

·         City Missions



THE PRIDE: Unleashing the Lion | Embracing the King.