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Women of Warfare

Women's Ministry

Purpose | The Purpose of EMERGE is to allow women to:

  • Discover their unique identity in Christ.

  • Discover their gifts, talents and abilities. 

  • Clearly identify their purpose/call in Christ. 

  • Confidently walk in their call. 

  • To connect with other women who desire to live life on purpose. 


Empowering women to passionate pursuit their destinies in Christ


What We Believe

  • EMERGE  is not designed to provide an emotional feeling to solving problems, but to allow God to heal the lives of women wholly and completely.

  • EMERGE  is not designed to play with or cover up sin, but to deal with it according to God’s word.

  • It is the heart of the ministry to reach out to ALL women. To provide sisterhood and friendship.

  • EMERGE is not in anyway a surface or superficial ministry; we are committed to freeing the lost, edifying the weak, encouraging the faint-hearted, and mentoring women.

  • EMERGE is not a sorority or secret club/organization! ALL women are welcome!


We Are:

  • A sisterhood

  • A women’s accountability group

  • Determined to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for our lives

  • Fun


EMERGE  Ministries:

There are currently 8 Teams within EMERGE.


  • Lead Ministry- This team will minister the word of God at conferences and ministry meetings.

  • Prayer/Salvation Ministry- This team will pray for various needs and minister salvation at conferences and ministry meetings.

  • Usher/Greeter Ministry- During conferences and ministry meetings this team will assist with seating, collecting offering, and other duties.

  • Dance Ministry- This team will minister in dance during conferences and ministry meetings.

  • Music Ministry- This team will minister in song and lead praise and worship during conferences and ministry meetings.

  • Promotion/Recruitment Ministry- This team is responsible for set-up and monitoring of promotional materials, and recruiting new ministry participants/members during any EMERGE.

  • Armour Bearer Ministry- This team will work directly with the Lead Ministry Team and serve as a “float” team member when needed.

  • Small Group Ministry- This team will facilitate small focus group ministry on their respective campuses.